MiLo Rehearsal 04.14.12

MiLo (Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra) is something I’ve been involved with for a number of years.  In 2006, it was around 10-15 performers improvising together, but in more recent years we’re fortunate if we can get half a dozen of us together.  Some of the artists have moved away, and some new people have joined in.  It continues to evolve, but some of the original members are still actively involved.

As our open improvisations started to sound too similar, we began to provide some structure and direction for our performances by including compositions from other composers as well as ourselves.  With our upcoming performance at the Peck School of the Arts Open House, we’ve been rehearsing a couple of electronic pieces.

“Artikulation” is a 1958 electronic composition by György Ligeti.  Twelve years later, a graphical score was produced by Rainer Wehinger.  A projection of the graphical score is projected on the wall for all performers to follow along.  We divided up the different colors represented in the score between performers.  Here’s a sample of the graphic score and the recording from today’s rehearsal.

“Collision” is a piece I’ve played with Kevin before as a duet.  One of the great things about this piece is that it’s really a queueing system for improvisation.  There are three different types of queues (Hold, Pluck, Slide) and a min-max time for how often a queue will be initiated.  The time in-between is improvisational, but the queueing often influences that time.  Here’s a recording of “Collision”

Throughout rehearsal, I was playing my saxophone through csGrain on my iPad.


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