Instrumental Music

of Potential Happiness

Written for the sfSoundGroup out of San Fransisco, this piece was premiered at Unruly Music’s “by + for” concert in April, 2009.  The format of this piece is based upon the relationship and interplay between the division of the sextet into two groups, piano-cello-violin and oboe-alto sax-bass clarinet.  Two styles of language are used; a theme and variation based standard notation and an improvisational framework relating directly to the standard notation.  A performer initiated cueing system is used to implement the interplay between sections as well as subtleties within them.

oboe – Kyle Bruckmann, alto saxophone – John Ingle, bass clarinet – Matt Ingalls, violin – Alexa Beattie, cello – Monica Scott, piano – Christopher Jones


Quintet No. 1

A three movement piece using modal harmonizations and progressions for flute, clarinet, viola, cello and bassoon.  Each movement explores specific thematic material and variations of that material.



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