Software Patches

custom patches for interactive audio applications

This page will be updated as new patches are created

Everything that I have posted here was created in the Max/MSP environment. All of the patches (so far) were designed with the intention of using them in live performance. As a result, the controls and parameters are limited in scope and quantity to allow the performer some independence in the focus given to the patch in combination with attention to the sound generation source.

To ensure that they will run on any Mac OS X system regardless of any external/custom objects, I’ve chosen to share them as complete applications.

Hope you enjoy them and please share your use of them. I’d love to see how they’re being used.


patches are listed newest to oldest

C8 Sequencer Limb

Single-voice version of the C8 Sequencer built as a Max For Live patch. (no MIDI learn)

C8 Sequencer Patch

Eight-voice midi based sequencer using chance and range controls. Contains Midi learn.


Companion patch to the iOS app, gyrOSC. (Kevin Schlei of BitShape)

PolyPatter 2.2

Single-voice midi based sequencer for a live networked performance. (1-3 people)

Music Box 3.0

Midi based note generator with two single line patterns and one multi-voiced pattern.


11 thoughts on “Software Patches

  1. Hi, congratulations on some great work here… I’m wondering if there is a way to have multiple instances of Gyrosc to midi operating at once. Wanting to have 2-4 operators of iphones directing the movements of projections….Would love to hear back soon. if you have the time… cheers
    trevor brown

    • Thanks Trevor! Glad it’s of use for your project. I’ve never tried it before, but I did just successfully duplicate the application file and open them both. Give that a try. You will of course need to set independent ports for each instance. Good luck and enjoy!

  2. Hi David – thanks for posting these! I am having trouble connecting to the GryOSC-to-Midi patch, but I can get a udpreceive to work in MAX so I know I am sending/receiving in general. Is there a specific port I need to use (I tried 4444 but assume that is for sending out of the app, not in), or other set up instructions? Couldn’t find any instructions in the app.
    Thanks, Jeremy

    • I apologize for the delay in my response. If you’re having trouble connecting your device (iPhone) to the [gyrOSC to Midi] application on your computer, first connect your device to your computer via peer-to-peer wifi connection. IF you’re not sure how to do this, I would look at help files for your computer’s particular OS version. Once you have the two device connected this way, input the self assigned IP from your computer, into the “Target IP Address” on the gyrOSC iOS application. The Port must be the same on both device and computer. That should do it!

  3. Dear David,

    I would like to use the GyrOSC to Midi program you wrote. However, I need to integrate it to my max-patch. Would it be possible to send it as a max patch? In this standalone version, it is not possible to change the IP as well. I couldn’t bring it to function. It would be great if I could get the Max-patch.
    Thank you for your response in advance

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