Folding Line at Bremen Café

A few friends of mine have put together a series of performances for the summer.  They’re happening every other Monday from 6:30-8:30pm at Bremen Café, in my wonderful Riverwest neighborhood.  Bremen Café has been a long standing bar that provides live music and poetry nights, to serve up along side their food and libations.  The next performance is tomorrow night, June 11th.

The core of Folding Line is: Sean Behling (sax and electronics); Jason Spottek (bass); and Seth Warren-Crow (drums, percussion and electronics).  The trio invites other friends along to keep things interesting and constantly evolving.  Tomorrow night will include myself (sax and electronics), along with Jason Nanna (electronics), Wes Tank (words), and Dan Barsch (trumpet… I believe) as other possible Folding Lines.  I haven’t gotten any confirmation on who else can make it, so we’ll just have to see.

If I can get a good recording, I’ll post something here later in the week.