Max/MSP patch – gyrOSC to Midi

gyrOSC to Midi is  companion software to the gyrOSC app that runs on iOS devices.  The gyrOSC mobile application was created by Kevin Schlei of Bit Shape Software.

From Kevin Schlei’s website:

GyrOSC is a lightweight app that gives you direct access to the motion sensors in your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Wirelessly send the motion data to any Open Sound Control (OSC) capable application on your desktop or other device. There is no other software required. Applications such as Max/MSP, Pure Data, Processing, Ableton Live and others can be controlled with the motion of your iOS device.”

gyrOSC to Midi is a simple application with the task of translating the OSC messages from your iOS device into midi data that can be routed directly to Midi continuous controller messages.  It has three Midi CC routing options for each of the gyroscope (pitch, roll and yaw), accelerometer and compass inputs, a sensitivity slider for the accelerometer, and toggle switches to invert the values being sent from the gyroscope.

The patch is written in the Max/MSP environment and compiled as an application on Mac OS X, so it can only be used on a Mac OS X computer.

You can download the patch from the Software Patches page


MaxMSP patch – PolyPatter

PolyPatter is designed as a performance patch, that was constructed in Max 5.  It’s based off of networked pitch data that is shared with all performers through either a wi-fi, or peer-to-peer network.  This shared pitch information is then routed to any software/hardware instrument that accepts midi.  My intension was to keep the interface very simply and with limited controls, so the performer can also give his/her attention to the sound palette they’re using.  I’ve been working on getting this patch to have the performance qualities that will enable performers to have accurate input of pitch data without the feedback loops I was getting in the networked information.  This was completed with the addition of separating performers send/receive data via individual “accounts”.


Here is a recording of a live performance with myself and Kevin Schlei.  The entire performance utilized the PolyPatter patch.  The event took place at a Milwaukee bar and art/performance space, Sugar Maple, during Bayview’s Gallery Night.